A Killer Party


This event will activate the entire Hotel Sask, or as it was known in the 1920’s.. the CP Rail Hotel. The experience will be immersive and intriguing and will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced at a fundraising gala.

Prior to the event, you’ll receive a full package containing the necessary information to prepare you for this night of mystery, including fun costume and character ideas for you and your guests. Dressing up and immersing yourself isn’t necessary, but it will definitely make the evening a whole lot more fun!

All partygoers will have the opportunity to eat, drink, dance, and mingle while enjoying Globe Theatre-caliber entertainment and atmosphere. We will set the tone for an incredible evening full of laughter and fun, until of course – we discover the murder! It will be up to your table to connect the dots and figure out exactly what happened at the CP Rail Hotel. But don’t worry, there will be an opportunity for you to buy clues and chat with other party-goers for hints! This fundraiser is an intriguing mystery where all attendees can engage with the storyline or sit back and watch the mysterious and bold personalities act out the evenings’ timeline. At the end of the night – each table will get a chance to guess at exactly where the murder took place, how it was committed, and of course, who did it!


A note from the organizer, Kelsey Stewart.

“This event is going to be interactive and immersive. It will be thrilling and fun. But most of all, it will be a way to support a huge part of this community, The Globe. A pillar of Regina’s downtown and a hub for the arts in both our city and province. Trust me when I say, you will NOT be disappointed. I look forward to bringing you on this incredible journey with us”.


    October 29, 2022


    Hotel Saskatchewan

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    Thank you for all your support.


Pull together a team of eight of your closest friends and purchase a table.


Globe Theatre plays a fundamental role in this city – bringing tourism and locals to downtown, the support from our community is more important than ever.


We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors. This event provides sponsors with exposure to leading professionals and organizations in a wide range of industries. Looking for the opportunity to become a part of one of the coolest events of the year?  Consider becoming A Killer Party sponsor!