Our Heritage Donor – Andrew and Chantel MacCorquodale

Celebrating the beginning of our $30 million dollar capital campaign with donors who are proud to call Regina home.

When the capital campaign team first got together, they know that finding the right Heritage Donor was going to be so important to the remainder of the campaign. It needed to be someone who understood the importance of the arts and what a lively downtown could offer to the community. When they first sat down with Andrew and Chantel MacCorquodale, they knew this family was the perfect fit.

So we are pleased to announce that in 2024, The Globe at MacCorquodale Place will be the best new spot in downtown in Regina.

The Testimony from Andrew and Chantel.

Andrew and Chantel MacCorquodale are proud to call Regina home. As both were born and raised in the Queen City, putting down roots was a simple decision. Now as a family of six, with two beautiful girls and two Boston Terriers, they want to ensure that Regina is the home for their children that it has been for them… as a diverse city filled with opportunity, excitement, and endless possibilities.

“This is a community we’ve been a part of, been supported by and invested in our whole lives,” says Andrew. “This city has given us the platform to pursue all of our ambitions, and we are thrilled at the opportunity to invest back in a way that will be enjoyed by residents and visitors for generations to come.”

They believe that strong arts, culture and entertainment are critical pillars of a healthy, exciting and vibrant community. Andrew and Chantel see the Globe Theatre as a unique venue, and feel fortunate to have such a storied and respected landmark in Regina. “The theatre in the round format lends itself to a performance intimacy that you cannot get any other way. And with the development work underway, Regina’s Globe Theatre will be state-of-the-art among its peers,” says Chantel.

They see a diverse city with every opportunity to punch above its weight on the global stage, with hope for a renewed focus and investment in making downtown Regina a destination. “Jobs and opportunity bring people here, and we’re seeing some great momentum in that regard. Arts, culture and entertainment make the journey enjoyable and keep people here. We hope the redevelopment of the Globe Theatre can play a meaningful part in a downtown core that inspires and entertains”.

The MacCorquodale’s are truly passionate about entrepreneurship, and Saskatchewan. By investing at the inception of the Conexus Venture Capital fund, and with Chantel as a member of its Investment Committee, they’re excited to be helping Saskatchewan’s first ever venture capital fund secure investments and deploy $32million in leading technology companies.

Both in their 30s, and proud of their self-made success, Andrew and Chantel believe strongly in respecting the community and giving back. Andrew, who holds an MBA from the University of Regina, is a serial entrepreneur. Over the last two and half decades he has established, grown and turned around companies in an array of industries including information technology, cannabis, agriculture, healthcare and aviation. Chantel holds her undergrad from the University of Regina, and is currently working on her Masters at Royal Roads University. With a background in advertising and marketing, her current focus is holding an active role in their investment and philanthropic activities, as well as lending her time to various committees.

Seeing their home city flourish is meaningful to Andrew and Chantel, and they hope to inspire others to get involved in moving Regina forward. “We have everything that we need, right here, but we also have a tight-knit community of people that support each other and want to see other community members succeed. We feel privileged to have this opportunity to invest back into the community and help Regina continue to develop into a city that our own children will be proud to call home for many years to come.”