Coming 2024: The Rawlinson Main Stage

It will be so exciting to be back in our theatre in 2024 on the Rawlinson Main Stage.

Our capital campaign continues full speed with the latest announcement of Gordon Rawlinson becoming the $1 million dollar main stage donor. The Rawlinson Main Stage will become a pillar for Globe Theatre and all the magic we will create for years ahead.

“Giving back to the communities that Rawlco serves, has been a hallmark philosophy of the Rawlinson Family for the last 75 years. This philosophy continues today with this amazing partnership with Globe Theatre. We believe that the arts are vitally important to creating a vibrant downtown and we are pleased to be part of this new era. We are looking forward to the completion of the The Globe at MacCorquodale Place and opening night on the brand-new Rawlinson Main Stage.”

– says Tom Newton, on behalf of the Rawlinson family.

A sneak peak into the new Globe Theatre

We are thrilled to be able to give you another glimpse into the future of Globe Theatre with these incredible renderings of the Rawlinson Main Stage by The Look Company. Our new theatre will feature bigger aisles, more leg room, CUP HOLDERS, improved accessibility, and so much more. This will be the place to spend your weekends and evenings, with your family and friends, taking in local talent, magical performances, and creating lasting memories.